English & Polish

Yisroel Shtern” a review of the 1955 volume, Lider un Eseyen by I. Rapoport    (pp. 395 ff., Fayerlekh in Nepl, Melbourne,1961) Translated by Freda Hodge, 2015. Yd Part A, Yd Part B


  M. Flakser (1955): Yisroel Shtern: a biographical sketch Yd - Part A Yd - Part B

H. Leivick (1955): Yisroel Shtern: Poet Yd - part A Yd - part B Yd - part C

Y. Kahan (1963): A Reading by Yisroel Shtern in Ostrolenka (Memories and Thoughts) Yd

  R. Auerbach (1963): A Tree in the Ghetto, Yd

  M. Koral (2005): The Lover as Mystic, Your Eyes by Yisroel Shtern