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The Index to Yiddish Periodicals (IYP)

CIYCL - The California Institute for Yiddish Culture And Language
CIYCL's projects include intensive Yiddish learning programs, seminars, web-radio broadcasts, and assembling and disseminating a Living Yiddish Treasures DVD archive. Programs are open to adults of all ages, and are offered in collaboration with other local academic and cultural institutions.

The rich learning experiences offered by CIYCL inspire and empower individuals to become the activists, educators, artists, and writers who are needed to ensure that the Yiddish language survives and continues to be renewed.

The California Institute for Yiddish Culture And Language (CIYCL) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving the living roots of Yiddish.

Medem Library in Paris


Haynt: a Tsaytung bay Yidn,1908-1939
Chaim Finkelstein was the last editor of Haynt, a Jewish Newspaper in Warsaw, Poland, before the Holocaust.

His book, Haynt: a tsaytung bay yidn 1908-1939, chronicles the history of the newspaper throughout its existence, giving a picture of Jewish life in Poland during this period. This is important history that has received much less attention than it deserves.



Yiddish Poetry