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Every effort has been made to obtain permission for publication on this (not for profit) site.The Project is supported by the Australian Centre for the Study of Jewish Civilization, Monash University Melbourne.

The original publication is shown if available to us. Please note however, that the translators have generally used the 1955 New York edition, and we are very grateful to the Congress for Jewish Culture, N Y , for permission to upload much of the contents of Lider un Eseyen.

The Hebrew University's Index of Yiddish Periodicals, which became publicly available in 2006, has been a boon - see here where a host of previously unlocated essays, and a number of previously lost poems by Shtern are listed. We are grateful to the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem and especially to Eliezer Niborski of the Index to Yiddish Periodicals, for his technical assistance in delivering copies of the original publications of the poems unearthed by the Catalogue. (2007): And now too, for his discovery of a poem Binem Heller wrote in 1944 in Moscow, “Yisroel Shtern

We thank Abraham Sutzkever for permission to upload from Di Goldene Keyt; Gilles Rozier and the Medem Bibliotek, Paris,for providing the text of Es Shrayt in der Nakht (from Yung-Yidish, Lodz 1919); Professor Ruth Wisse for permission to give Robert Friend's translations, which appear in The Penguin Book of Modern Yiddish Verse (1987), ed. Irving Howe, Ruth R. Wisse, Khone Shmeruk;Yugntruf in N Y for permission to show the essay by Zachary Sholem Berger "Friling: der shpitol-sezon..."; Bob Becker, for permission to use the poem Nokhn Khirurgishn Tish at the end of; (spelling errors there have been corrected).

The Editor is deeply grateful for the unstinting help in Melbourne of Romek and Rivke Mokotow; long may it continue! The Kadimah National Library and Giligich Committee have assisted with materials - noteworthy are the copies of Literarishe Bleter brought from Poland by the poet Myer Zable before the War.

In Sydney Hinde Ena Burstin has assisted with advice on copyright, and Jennifer Dowling of Sydney University has lent support to the Project.

Andrew Firestone, Melbourne.
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